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Hebrew Songs with Audio and Lyrics

Hebrew Children's Songs

* The Prettiest Girl In Kindergarten (Hayaldah Hachi Yafah Bagan)

* I Will Always Be Myself (Ani Tamid Nish'ar Ani)

* I Wanted You to Know (Ratziti Sheteda) - Uzi Chitman

* Brave Danny (Dani Gibor)

Sukkot Songs

* A Hammer, A Nail (Patish, Masmer)

* In Our Sukkah (Basukkah Shelanu)

* My Sukkah is the Sukkah (Sukati Hasukah)

* Leaving Noach's Ark (Hapreida Miteivat Noach)

* Noach - Mati Caspi and Shokoled, Menta, Mastik

Chanukah Songs

* These Days of Chanukkah (Yemei HaChanukah)

* Maoz Tzur

* The Dreidel Song (Sivivon Sov-Sov-Sov)

* Who Can Retell? (Mi Yimalel?)

* The Pancakes Tale (Chana Zelda)

Songs by Arik Einstein

* Me and You (Ani Ve'Ata) - Arik Einstein

* Will You Hear My Voice (Hatishma Koli) - Arik Einstein

* Fly Away Little Bird (Oof Gozal) - Arik Einstein

* The Ballad of Yoel Moshe Salomon - Arik Einstein

* Mr. Chocolate Milk (Adon Shoko) - Arik Einstein

* The Convoy Song (Shir Hashayara) - Arik Einstein (about Aliyah)

* My Mom (Ima Sheli) - Arik Einstein

Songs by Ofra Haza

* Alive (Chai) - Ofra Haza

* Prayer (Tefila) - Ofra Haza

* Earth (Adama) - Ofra Haza

* Someone is Always Walking with Me (Mishehu Holech Tamid Iti) - Ofra Haza

* One Fate (Goral Echad) - Ofra Haza

* The Western / Wailing Wall (Hakotel) - Ofra Haza

* Jerusalem of Gold (Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) - Ofra Haza

Songs by Ilanit

* Next Year (Bashana Habaah) - Ilanit

* The Land of Israel (Eretz) - Ilanit

* Balalaika - Ilanit

* Nice Butterfly (Parpar Nechmad) - Ilanit

Songs by Kaveret / Poogy

* Yo Ya - Kaveret / Poogy

* Baruch's Boots (HaMagafayim Shel Baruch) - Kaveret / Poogy

Hebrew Passover/Pesach Songs

* Order of the Passover Seder (Kadesh Urchatz)

* What has changed? (Mah Nishtana?)

* When Israel came forth out of Egypt (Betzeit Yisrael Mimitzrayim)

* It Would Have Been Enough for Us! (Dayenu!)

* Who Knows One? (Echad Mi Yodea?)

Other Hebrew Songs

* Hatikvah - "The Hope" - Israel's National Anthem

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and an English translation of the text.

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